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What to Look for in an Industrial Sewing Contractor

Jan 8, 2022
Posted by Ebony White

When searching for a custom sewing contractor, it is important to define your company’s needs and expectations in the very beginning. There are many custom sewing contractors in the market, however not all have equal product development and manufacturing capabilities. Some will meet your needs much better than others so here are some things to consider as you choose the company best suited for your needs.

Design & Engineering Capabilities – The best contract sewing companies offer design and engineering services. Design and engineering services help ensure you are getting the exact product you require. When you know you need a new product, someone must design that product. If you do not have designers on your own staff, working with those on your contract sewing company’s payroll is incredibly helpful and cost saving. At Polo Custom Products, we will help with the initial design to create a product that is exact and specific to your vision.

On-time Production – Deadlines are important. Therefore, you want a contractor that has a large staff to complete orders within the agreed upon timeframe. As an OEM when orders are completed faster, you receive your products sooner, which leads to better end user customer relations and customer satisfaction. This in turn makes it easier to expand your customer base and grow your business.

Technologically Advanced – The best contract sewing companies understand how to source materials and use a wide-range of technologies, such as fire and corrosion resistant textiles and many other types of materials. In addition, they offer specialty heat sealing technologies, like RF welding to create impermeable seals. Consider the technologies that might benefit products you need and begin by talking only to companies that can meet these needs.

Communication – With any process, communication is key. Be certain you understand what you can expect in terms of lead-time on design and production services. In addition, get a good handle on how well your chosen company will communicate with you regarding your orders and any other needs. At Polo Custom Products, we make sure to communicate with you every step of the way. From initial meeting to design, manufacturing, production, all the way through shipping.

Design, Engineer, and Manufacture – You could choose a basic contract sewing company to make the items, but, as you know, there is far more that goes into a custom product than the final sewing of the fabric. Polo Custom Products is among the top contract sewing companies because we take care of the entire process. This includes designing the product to your standards, sourcing the materials, up through producing the final product and shipping.

Polo Custom Products has manufactured custom sewn products since 1947 making us one of the longest running contract sewing companies in our industry. Our product development team has well over 100 years combined experience in designing and manufacturing custom sewn products. We are a leader in our industry helping to guide your team in the development of products that help protect, preserve, and enhance life for your customers.

Ebony White

Sales Division Manager
Ebony is our division manager for medical and industrial products. She assists customer’s with product development to cultivate new and innovative ideas. Ebony worked as a project manager in manufacturing and knows industrial sewing, heat sealing, and thermoforming. She enjoys working with her customers to share new and better manufacturing processes. Contact Ebony now for help with designing and manufacturing your products.